The Erdeven beaches

Why not set off for the beach on foot armed with a beach towel, sunglasses, and some sunscreen? What better way to enjoy your stay at the campsite?

Erdeven has 3 beaches that are perfect for bathing and enjoying water sports:

• Kerhillio beach:

It is just 500m from the campsite.
This is a family beach, supervised by the SNSM lifeguards during peak season. It is long and sandy and has a wonderful view of the Quiberon Peninsula and Belle-Île-en-Mer.

Kerhillio beach is divided into specific areas, so that everyone can enjoy a wide range of sea activities: kite surfing, windsurfing, sand yachting, surfing, canoeing and paddle boarding.
However the majority of people prefer swimming! (At least in summer.)
Kerhillio is a very well-known beach and it recently hosted a kite-surfing competition as part of the French Wave Championship!


• Kérouriec:

This is a slightly rocky beach, which is perfect for going rock pooling with your children.
The sailing school provides courses for young beginner and advanced sailors, as well as adult windsurfing or catamaran sailing options.

• Kerminihy beach:

This beach is semi-wild and nudists are tolerated here. However, bathing is prohibited on the right section of the beach, due to the dangerous currents caused by the Barre Etel sand bank.

Diving schools in ETEL will introduce you to the sea beds off our coast.
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